Winners of the Jim Rhodes Memorial Trophy, given annually by the Touchdown Club of Annapolis to the most outstanding high school football player in Anne Arundel County:

1959 Bill Glotzbach; Annapolis

1960 Bill Glotzbach, Annapolis

1961  Charles Russell, Annapolis

1962 Arthur Colbert, Bates

1963 Mike Busch, St. Mary's

1964 Gary Thall, Severna Park

1965 Bob Stach, Southern

1966 Lee Corbett, Annapolis

1967 Ed DeGrange, Glen Burnie

1968 Archie Pearman, Annapolis

1969 Louis Carter, Arundel

1970 Louis Carter, Arundel

1971 Jerry Nieves, Arundel

1972 Bill Currier, Glen Burnie

1973 Steve Simms, Annapolis

1974  Pat Mangum, Brooklyn Park

1975  Mike Lyons, Arundel

1976  Don Sadler, Wroxeter

1977   Gary Weishaar, Andover

1978   Tom Parker, Annapolis

1979   Scott Fitzgerald, Severna Park

1980  Joe Papetti Jr., South River

1981   Craig Wilson, Annapolis

1982   Kenny Gray, Meade

1983  Mike White, South River

1984  Doug Johnson, Annapolis

1985  Troy Turner, Arundel

1986  Jeff Allen, Meade

1987  Brian Pratt, Meade

1988  Lenny Milliken, Northeast

1989  Lonnie Pierce, Meade

1990  William Beverly, Old Mill

1991  Anthony Walker, North County

1992   Brandon Steinheim, Chesapeake

1993   Corey Contee, Southern

1994   Topper Ellis, North County

1995   John Norsworthy, Arundel

1996   Erik Lipton, Arundel

1997  Tanardo Sharps, Meade

1998   Rayvon Johnson, Annapolis

1999   Rayvon Johnson, Annapolis

2000   Mike Pfisterer, North County

2001   Keith Williams, Glen Burnie

2002  DeMario Harris, Annapolis

2003   Bobby Schram, Arundel

2004   Ryan Callahan, Old Mill

2005   Ryan Callahan, Old Mill

2006  Jake Trantin, Archbishop Spalding

2007  Nick Elko, Arundel

2008   Alec Lemon, Arundel

2009  Billy Cosh, Arundel and Josh Furman, Old Mill

2010  K.K. Smith, Archbishop Spalding

2011  Rob Chesson, Old Mill

2012  Lavon Chaney, South River

2013  Zach Abey, Archbishop Spalding

2014  Donovan Franklin, Old Mill

2015  Ali'i Niumatalolo, Broadneck

2016  Cameron Hough, Annapolis and Evan Fochtman, Archbishop Spalding

2017  Shane Davis, Broadneck

2018  Ethon Williams, Broadneck

2019 David Foust, South River
2020 not presented
2021 Josh Ehrlich, Broadneck
2022 Malik Washington, Spalding

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